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Net weight: 4.5kg
Product size: 10.24×10.63×5.91inch
Net Weight: 1.4kg
Product size: 7.09×6.30×3.94inch
Net Weight: 0.91kg
Product size: 6.50×5.91×3.35inch

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One thought on “XS-MA50001-B/M/S

  1. This item arrived pretty quick. It had a distance to ship so it wasn’t overnight but it was still fairly quick. Came it into own packaged box within another box from Amazon so it was in a mix of other boxes I had received that day and in actuality I could not tell which box it was going to be in.

    It’s not a very heady doll, but it is more firm than I was thinking it was going to be. I figured it would be a bit more flimsy, but it actually held up pretty well. With that being said it isn’t indestructible either so do handle with care. When it comes to size as anyone would expect it would b nice if it was a bit bigger. It isn’t tiny, but when it comes to being a realistic woman’s size it is a bit on the small side. All in all though the enjoyment is there. It is big enough to jiggle around and feels great.

    The after experience is another trick. Cleaning can be a process. Be sure to read over the recommendations carefully and keep it clean and rub it down with powder afterwards to keep it dry and smooth and to avoid a sticky sensation. Overall though a great item to have around the house when the wife is around or when she is gone. I think the wife sometimes gets almost as much enjoyment out of it.

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