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Net weight: 0.29kg/0.24kg/0.21kg
Product size: Length: 7.87inch/6.30inch/5.51inch
Penis length: 6.50inch/5.31inch/4.92inch
Penis diameter: 1.57inch/1.50inch/1.46inch


One thought on “SQ-T10001-L/M/S

  1. I bought this for my wife since she likes to suction cup feature. It was a little trouble at first, but adding a little water to the suction cup had it sticking firmly in place. She loved it, saying that it felt very real & not too stiff (no pun intended) as others we have tried. This has replaced her previous one & is now the go to. This product is highly recommended. I am reviewing this product to help others on deciding to buy it or not. I did receive a discount, but I was to give an honest review, good or bad. Like I said this stuff is great!

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