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Net weight: 1.1kg
Product size: 7.87×7.48×3.15inch


2 thoughts on “XS-MA50004-S

  1. this thing is great i used it twice its soft the butt is tighter then other hole witch is nice and its not hard to clean because all the holes are connected and there’s a hole in the back so i just run water in there and it washes out through the two main holes the bad stuff is side things like: where do i keep a butt?, what happens if someone sees a butt in my room? the only thing i see that could be a problem is sense the holes are connected over time the two inch peace that separates them might rip but i dont know when that will happen

  2. I’ve owned a few sex toys here and there but this one blows them all out of the water. Easy to clean and maintain. Would definitely buy again.

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