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Net weight: 0.45kg
Product size: 8.07×2.99×2.36inch
Color: Gray

One thought on “XS-MA70009-Gray

  1. Bought this to fill the void of time in which I can’t have sex with my friend with benefits (summer). On first use, I heated the lube bottle and toy in hot water for about 10 minutes before using, and was quite surprised. The hole was tighter, and felt quite like the real thing. I’m fairly larger than a normal guy at 8 inches long and pretty thick, so I had the added benefit of being able to penetrate fully, which my friend with benefits won’t do. However, my thickness seems to have torn the hole a little wider than it once was. I’d guess this is usual wear and tear though, and still feel like the current sensation is worth giving it 5 stars. I wash after every use as well.

    Lastly, the cap does not twist off, so be prepared to use a little force and pull it off. Same with the back end.

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