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Net weight: 0.6kg
Product size: 9.84×3.54×2.76inch
Specialty: Vaginal

One thought on “XS-MA70001-V

  1. Not a new fan to the fleshlights or the type of toys that they are. As opposed to love gloves this comes in a casing that allows for easy grip and use. This product itself feels solid and you can tell this just by the weight alone. Since this is my second model like this I have to say this one is much better than the other one. First thing that makes this one much better than the other one is that this one doesn’t have the annoying asian lady voice while in use. This model doesn’t have a vibration option but that doesn’t deter it from being good. The hole for this product is soft and does feel well with a nice lube. I normally get the ky knock off at Walmart. Once you have started your use for this product you will noticed that the inside is contoured, may or may not be to your liking, was to mine felt nice against the skin. This does have a very tight grip on things and ensures that everything is pulled out. Since it is a cased item highly suggested to remove from the case prior to cleaning, makes things much easier. Since the inside is very forgiving and depth pretty long, someone would have to be built like a paint can not to have fun with this toy.

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