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Net weight: 7.7kg
Product size: 15.75×14.17×8.66inch

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One thought on “XS-MA50015

  1. It feels like a real woman once you get it warmed up. Maintenance is easy and it’s not too difficult to hide a giant, jiggly ass in a box, despite its size. The one and only downside I have with this is a personal preference; the holes are actually connected on the inside, so you get a slurping noise when it’s in use. It’s not balanced to stay pointed up, but that actually works to your advantage to heighten the realism of the experience. You can go totally hands free with this thing if you want and it’ll rock back and meet you halfway like any good woman should. When it’s on top, it’s less visually appealing, but you get the full effect of weight and impact that you should.

    Great product, definitely recommended, well worth the steep price once you factor in that you can get laid whenever you want and that your body won’t know the difference.

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