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Net weight: 5.4kg
Product size: 15.75×9.25×5.51inch

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One thought on “XS-MA30003

  1. I would like to say that this doll is superb. I promised that I would write a review, so I apologize Xise, for taking a while to do so. Now let me just say that the doll does have a metal skeleton. It does do cracking noises but do not fret, it’s normal. The orifice of the doll is very amazing, it feels good. I’m an average guy, not endowed or bulky, but average and it suited me well. The orifice is no deeper than possibly 5″ which is like hitting the cervix but if you went 6 1/2″ you’d actually hit the metal skeleton, yikes! Watch out but tread carefully when in use if you’re a ‘big’ guy. In terms of girth, be very careful too, she is quite on the tight side upon entry but don’t force too rough, remember, like a real girl, be gentle to her. Oh and she is quite heavy, she does quite the workout. Breast are too firm as oppose to real ones are softer than these. The wig it comes with tangles easily, it’s best to buy one before hand, a small one in diameter by the way. But since it’s free, I have no complaints. You MUST wash her immediately after you get it because she has a strong smell, it goes away if using mild soap warm water, it works. This doll is amazing and for the price, I personally think it is worth every penny. Xise has been providing an outstanding customer service from beginning to end to keep track of my product. This is all I have to say for now but I will update this review later when I have more time.

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