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Net weight: 0.19kg
Product size: Length: 5.91inch
Penis length: 5.04inch


One thought on “SQ-WBC10001-V

  1. I normally don’t leave reviews for this type of thing. Sometimes I’m a bit bashful, but in this case, this bashfulness must be tossed aside for the greater good. Only in the past year have I been experimenting with sex toys, more specifically, dildos. The ones I previously ordered, well I’m still not used to them. They’re hard, stiff, can be uncomfortable….no matter how much lube you use, they really don’t make me wake up with a sense of urgency to come play. Now that I’ve purchased Ryan…….big smile….you should see it….all of my teeth are showing & my face is going to start hurting any minute from the intensity of this smile….I’m in love. Now I know several dildo’s later that the type of toys that I should and will continue to purchase must be Sexflesh or at least the equivalent. It surprised me because it feels so real. I literally live under a rock & now my world has opened up to a different type of dildo that actually feels good to me. You would think that is the most important thing right? If you’re going to purchase a sex toy, it should feel good. In my case, I thought that eventually I was going to get used to my other toys & yet that still hasn’t happened. When I look at my toys, I just do not feel the love. Ryan on the other hand, well I can say I am definitely feeling the love. It was actually bigger than I expected it to be as far as girth & the balls are freakin’ huge…WOW. The material is so soft & pliable, even if it weren’t a sex toy, it’s just something I would love to fondle.

    I really don’t have much else to say other than great job & thanks for making this so affordable. In comparison to other dildos that people have left excellent reviews for, namely stating how real they feel, this one is most reasonably priced.

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