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Net weight: 1.6kg
Product size: 10.63×5.51×4.13inch


2 thoughts on “XS-MA50012

  1. I kept wondering where I could keep my collection of sharpies. Finally found it. Keeps them pointed at an angle so I can easily grab them when I need them. Makes a great paperweight too! People walk by my desk everyday and ask, “where can I get a sharpie holder like that?!”
    Its a must have for a desk job. I don’t know why they don’t sell these at Staples?
    I can also put my weiner in it.

  2. I really enjoy this product. I will start by saying it arrived on time and in a discreet package and i had no problem at all with the shipping. My wife suggested that i should get a few items like this one to be able to use when i travel or if its her time of the month or maybe even just to have when she is not in the mood. Let me tell you that i am very glad she said that. It works great it feels really good i personally like to use water based lubricant i just think it works better. It is a little small i do wish it was bigger but is nice and tight which i enjoy and it is very visually appealing to me. I have tried and love using both holes and being able to see a but and feet really helps me. I would definitely recommend this product to you guys i think you will enjoy it. Good luck shoppers!!

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