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Net weight: 6.95 oz
Product size: 3.35×8.78 Inch

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One thought on “BW-065005

  1. My wife and I have several toys already but we are always on the look out for a new one. We seen this one and she liked the different design compared to what we had already so we ordered it.
    The day it arrived, we didn’t have the time to give a try so when the next day came and we gave it a try.
    The feel of it is like velvet and my wife definitely likes it. The part that hits her sensitive part is a great addition to the vibrator and it didn’t take long for my wife to go over the edge.
    The multiple speeds are fantastic. When my wife was getting close to a peak, I would change the speed and she just couldn’t hang on anymore. This is a great addition to our toy chest and we are very happy with the purchase.

    I received this item at a reduced cost in return for my unbiased review of this product.

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