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Net weight: 5.4 oz
Product size: 1.8×8.3 inch

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One thought on “BI-014413

  1. I’ve been interested in getting a hold of a bullet vibrator for a while, but just hadn’t really remembered to do so. I really like this one, and am glad I got it! It is wireless and waterproof, which is two of the main features I was looking for. I am personally impressed with the variety of vibration settings. The first 3 are steady, and the rest have different pulsing actions; It’ll definitely keep you on your toes! Also, don’t be turned off by the packaging, as some of the English is broken; the product itself works just fine, and it even comes with batteries. The only issue I will say I have with it is that sometimes, the last vibration setting gets stuck, as in its supposed to pulse vibrate but sometimes just steadily vibrates. It’s not a big deal at all to me, as it’s not like it cuts off or anything. Also, the imprint on how to insert the batteries is slightly hard to see, so I’ve included it in my picture. Overall, I’m very satisfied with this product, itself.

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