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Size: 57mm x 158mm
30 functions of vibration
100% silicone

One thought on “BI-014332

  1. This gave me the most intense orgasm from a vibrator I have ever had. It took a few minutes to find a position that felt right so I could get comfortable but with 30 different speeds you can definitely find several that will suit your needs.

    The pink silicone is wonderful, extremely soft and silky. The multiple mini spikes bend easily while the “tongue” is firm. The mouth of the product has some flexibility and will bend when moved back and forth over the surface area. I cannot stress how soft this really is and how wonderful it feels to the touch.

    The handle size was a perfect fit for my hand and reach; it was easy to angel to the necessary areas. The downside was sometimes while switching the speeds I would hit the power button as they both are covered in the soft silicone.
    The product is a pretty pink and white color made up of two parts. This white part is not the soft silicone as described above, it’s a hard plastic which I feel helps with grip. The white area is also where the batteries are enclosed, I was a little bummed that batteries were not included. You will need 2 AAA batteries, I would suggest more as you’re going to want to use this A LOT!
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