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Size: 32mm x 600mm
7 functions of vibration
100% silicone

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One thought on “BI-014327

  1. I absolutely love this toy. It is an Innovative design that I have not seen in these products before.

    Both ends have their own texture and vibration. One end is smooth and the other has a textured nub pattern on it. The vibrations also seem different on each end. One end has a lower frequency with more powerful vibrations and the other end seems to have lighter vibrations at a higher frequency.

    Operations are relatively simple with a power button and a mode button. If you are using it in the dark once it is powered on the power button is lit internally making it easy to find. The different modes are also an interesting set of constant vibrations and back and forth vibrations between the two different ends.

    I do like that it is rechargeable so you are not constantly looking for batteries. It does come with a charging cable because it needs something to pierce the silicone exterior to charge the interior battery. It does not come with a charging head which is not really an issue because I have at least 10 of them around the house for other devices.

    Whether you are using it by yourself or sharing it with someone else the innovation behind this product was what caught my initial attention and definitely a significant part about why I Am So Satisfied With It. I received this item at a discount for my honest review.

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