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Size: 34mm x 210mm
30 functions of vibration
100% silicone
Water proof


One thought on “BI-014279-1

  1. This device is magical!. My wife was asking for a new one for a while since she wanted to spice things around. She showed me something similar to this, so I did my research and got this since it kind of looks cool.
    The package is discrete, it comes in a nice hard box and comes with a mesh bag to put the device on it.
    It uses 3 AAA batteries, which is good, instead of those devices that have weird batteries. This one is simple, you can even use rechargeable for this. The battery compartment closes shut and it water resistant and juices resistant.
    The material is rubber but very smooth. It definitely is easy to clean once you are done.
    The vibrator motors are located on the head (I think it has 2) and one on the rabbit part of it. It has many different settings and pulsations.
    I used it on my wife and she went crazy. You can achieve results rather quickly. The little rabbit part does the trick really fast.
    I can recommend this device to anybody looking for something extra on their life.
    I received this product for free or for a discounted amount, however this in no way influenced my review. I only write honest reviews regardless of whether I purchased a product at full price, at a discount, or received it free. When I review an item, no matter what I paid, I review it as if I paid full price. I would never want to sway someone to buy a product that I don’t believe is worth purchasing.

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