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Size: W:86mm L:230mm
Multi-speed vibration
3AAA batteries
Material: TPR


One thought on “BM-00900T31Z

  1. I have previously owned the more “famous” name brand item that is similar to this, so am familiar with the use and care of such an item.

    The first thing that struck me was how heavy this is. The insert, especially towards the “business end” is solid and heavy. That tells me that they didn’t really cheap out on the material, which is soft and supple, much like the more expensive name brand.

    After wrestling with the “flashlight” cover to pop it off (here’s a hint.. squeeze the cover on opposite sides.. that will slightly bend the plastic, and the cover will pop off), I removed the insert and gave it a thorough cleaning. While scrubbing the inside of the insert, I couldn’t help but to notice that there are some actual anatomical features within the opening, whether that’s by design or happenstance. The most noticeable is the area that is more widely known as the “g-spot” ridge. Although, the insert felt quite nice on my slick, soapy fingers.

    An important note on these (and, really, other male masturbation toys): these aren’t designed for “quickies” as there are some preparations that are a *must* in order to maximize your pleasure from these.

    1) First, and foremost: clean. Clean when you’re done. Clean before you start.
    2) Warm it up! Granted, there are those days that I may enjoy reliving sex with an ex, and I might toss it in the freezer (ha!), but yeah.. fill a bowl or your sink with hot hot hot water from the tap and let the insert sit in it for awhile.. 10 or 15 minutes is pretty ideal.
    2a) Toss your bottle of lube in the hot water with the insert. Warm lube is happy lube.
    3) After you remove the insert, shake it dry a little bit. But do’t completely dry it.. wet is good.

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