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Size: W:20mm L:102mm
10 functions of vibration
1 AAA battery
Material: ABS


One thought on “BI-014192

  1. Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah, Got myself a winner, winner chicken dinner…..I love, Love this lil girl like nobody’s business…It is extra silent, for those days that I want a quickie and the vibrating frequency (10) is THE BEST….I swear I could shout to thhe moon about how you are going to love this lil girl. She is super soft, gentle and a smooth glide with the amout of vibration you need to get the job done and done right. Trying to please him in other ways….Get this girl going first as the fore play while he’s sleep, don’t worry, he wont hear you….Then wake him up to let him know you are cheating right beside him in the bedroom, and watch him go…let him play with you for a night of sensous toy play….buy 2 for double pleasure, double play!
    Easy to use, not hard to figure out at all…Now remember this entire unit vibrates. Pulse, vibrations,High, med or low OH MY! I Love It!
    I received this item at a discount for an unbiased and honest review, I recommend this to all the single ladies, couples and Family and Friends who enjoy making love and living life to it’s fullest.

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